Module 5 as a 2 day refresher workshop – Julian Baker

Location: College of McTimoney, Kimber Road, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 1BZ

Workshop Dates: 19 – 20 February 2020

Price: £245

If you haven’t done a workshop with CBS for a while, or you just want to brush up on your moves, this is the workshop for you. Taught as part of the Module 5 (with none of the associated pressure!), you will cover all of the basic moves, along with some new ones, and avail yourself of all of Julian’s recent study and anatomical knowledge. This workshop is guaranteed to bring you bang up to date and improve the way you treat your clients. And of course, you will get to hang out with Julian and listen to his ‘jokes!’

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jane at

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Functional Assessment – Julian Baker

Location: Hotel Campanile, 55 Ordsall Ln, Regent Rd, Salford, Manchester M5 4RS

Workshop Dates: 10 – 11 March 2020

Price: £245

Functional Assessment with Julian Baker. Where do we start when we meet a client for the first time? What are the important areas that we need to consider and how to we go about assessing what they need as against what they think they need?

Assessment is not always about body reading or finding imbalances, although these are useful tools; it’s more about finding a place that both you and the client can agree on and from which you can measure and look for change. What is function, normal or otherwise? What are the patterns that keep coming back for clients and how can you spot them? In this workshop we will show you ways to dig a bit deeper and get information that most clients won’t bring you, speeding up changes and results

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jane at or call 01225 941077

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Spinal Workshop – Julian Baker

Location: Garsington Village Hall, 9, Oxford Road, Garsington, OX44 9DA Oxford

Workshop Dates: 26 – 27 May 2020

Price: £245

Spinal workshop.Focusing on the human spine, this workshop will serve to improve your knowledge on the structural components of the cranium, spine, sacrum and pelvis, as well as a deeper understanding of the nervous system including the cranial nerves, brachial and lumbar plexus. You will focus on the following aspects:
Anatomy of the spine, cranium, sacrum and coccyx
Central and peripheral nervous system overview
Red flags for spinal conditions
Postural Assessment
Common spinal conditions and injuries
Hot flush procedure

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jane at or call 01225 941077.

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Shoulder & Pelvic Workshop – Julian Baker

Location: The Blackbourne Community Centre, Blackbourne Road, Elmswell, IP30 9GY, Suffolk

Workshop Dates: 2 – 3 June 2020

Price: £245

Shoulder & Pelvic. The Shoulder and Pelvic workshop is designed to really hone our skills in these two important areas of the body.

The Shoulder procedure is one of the more tricky procedures in the Bowen repertoire. Although simple, there is a degree of timing and accuracy which can be tricky to master and easy to miss.

We will spend a day looking at the shoulder, covering assessment techniques, mobilisation and common injuries. We will get the shoulder procedure spot on and then add on some new approaches and techniques which will help hugely when addressing all kinds of shoulder presentations.

On day two we will move to the pelvis. It’s always surprising how many people have just started to drift from the location which will give the greatest results. The pelvic moves need a high degree of accuracy and we will look not just at the move, but at the reasons we make the move, and the anatomy of the area.

Again, additional moves will be taught. Shoulder and pelvic presentations represent some of the most common issues that we see as Bowen therapists. It’s vital that we keep our skills topped up and ensure that we are in the right place doing the right thing.

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jane at or call on 01225 941077.

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Practitioner Development Workshop – Julian Baker

Location: College of McTimoney, Kimber Road, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 1BZ

Workshop Dates: 2 – 3 September 2020

Price: £245

This workshop takes a deeper and more intensive look at some of the procedures and approaches that have been covered in the first modules, as well as dealing with practical aspects of being a Bowen practitioner. The workshop is very much directed by the needs of the group and can cover a diverse range of topics including marketing, Bowen anatomy, client management, move accuracy and aftercare, to name but a few.

If you haven’t done a workshop for a while and need a recharge or if you are struggling with a specific procedure or getting your clinic busy, this is the workshop that will give you the boost and the confidence you need to take the next step.

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jane at or call on 01225 941077.

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TMJ & Diaphragm – Julian Baker

Location: Tyneside Badminton Centre, Bowness Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 2TA

Workshop Dates: 19 – 20 October

Price: £245

TMJ & Diaphragm.The diaphragm is not just involved in the process of breathing but is a major player in a whole range of functions in the body.
The head/TMJ is a major balancer for the whole of the body and has implications for areas such as the diaphragm and the bowel, as well as the face and head.
We will study the anatomy, function and biomechanics of these areas.
Additional moves will be taught.  We will also focus on how to treat common presentations and conditions.

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jo at or call 07855 734877

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Lower Limb – Julian Baker

Location: Glasgow

Workshop Dates: 4 – 5 November 2020

Price: £245

Lower limb.

Your legs are made up of bones, blood vessels, muscles and fascia. They are important for motion and standing. Playing sports, running, falling, or having an accident can damage your legs. Common leg injuries include sprains and strains, joint dislocations and fractures.
These injuries can affect the entire leg, or just the foot, ankle, knee or hip. Certain diseases also lead to leg problems. Osteoarthritis, common in older people, can cause pain and limited motion.
As well as looking at the anatomy and fascia of the existing Bowen procedures, Julian will demonstrate several more new ones designed to incorporate the integral approach and explain how and why each move and procedure does what it does.

For any enquiries, or to book a place on this workshop, please contact Jane at or call on 01225 941077.

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Practitioner Workshops

After a much needed break, we re delighted to be back at the forefront of Bowen training in the UK. We have but a new, easier to navigate website and are dealing with the backlog of enquiries and questions from the public and practitioners.   We will be getting workshop information out here very soon, and will be in touch with all our current practitioner base to inform them of the changes taking place.  2019 and 2020  are going to be the Bowen  years! Please bear with us while we get things sorted.

Invaluable Insurance

Please Note: once the workshop has been confirmed, the workshop fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless the workshop is cancelled by the teacher.

The College of Bowen Studies strongly recommends that you take out insurance to cover your course fees in the event of illness, injury or certain unforeseen circumstances.

CBS reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any workshops. In the event of a workshop being cancelled, the organisers are NOT responsible for refunding any personal travel arrangements, hotel reservations, etc. All personal financial arrangements are the responsibility of the individual. Therefore please check with your travel agent as to cancellation or transfer fees/policies prior to booking. If you cancel your booking, unless we can fill your place, your payment is non refundable.

Should a workshop be cancelled or re-scheduled by us, and payment for the workshop has already been made, a full refund will be issued.

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