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The College of Bowen Studies Training Programme has been designed to allow you to learn in a progressive and independent way whilst being free to explore human fascia, anatomy and biological function to a level of your personal choice.

The teaching team are here to support and guide you through your learning journey which starts with the practitioner level and develops and specialises from the second year onwards containing all elements of hands on practical work, case studies and formal written assessment to check learning and understanding of the Bowen Technique.

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About Our Training Courses

Our courses are all highly practical and very ‘hands-on’. Class sizes are deliberately kept small to ensure you receive a high level of teacher supervision whilst you practise the moves with your fellow students.

We encourage you to complete the full five modules of the course at a pace that suits you to ensure you gain maximum skills and confidence. Each module can be taken with any teacher in any venue that suits you. While the entire course of study could be completed in a MINIMUM of nine months, this is dependent upon availability of dates and venues.

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Our Training Courses

The College of Bowen Studies training course format provides students with in-depth tuition, hands-on supervision and ample time and opportunity for detailed study of the Bowen Technique. Our courses are all highly practical and very ‘hands-on’.

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