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The College of Bowen Studies has trained professional practitioners all over the UK and Europe to help you and your body. All these practitioners are fully qualified and attend  development courses every two years to keep them up to speed with new ideas and new approaches of the Bowen Technique with your session in mind. This register also ensures your practitioner adheres to high standards set down by the college. Please ensure that your chosen practitioner is insured and also carries up to date first aid training. The College of Bowen Studies offers this referral page as a service to the public and practitioners and does not accept any responsibility for the outcomes of treatment.  Bowen is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.. Please see your doctor prior to attending a Bowen session. 

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In addition to being experienced and busy Bowen Therapists for over two years, our teachers have undertaken over three hundred hours of Bowen Teacher Training and can be regarded as the most qualified teachers of the Bowen Technique in Europe.

Use the Google Map provided below to find your local Bowen Technique practitioner. If you cannot find a practitioner within your area or are looking for a particular practitioner, please get in touch with us today where a member of our team will be happy to help.

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The College of Bowen Studies training course format provides students with in-depth tuition, hands-on supervision and ample time and opportunity for detailed study of the Bowen Technique. Our courses are all highly practical and very ‘hands-on’.

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