CBS has teamed up with Lotty Merry at Rose farm for those interested in equine Bowen training. The syllabus, course outlines, facilities and experience all match the CBS Bowen training criteria.

You must complete at least Module 1 in the human Bowen course with CBS before you can join the equine training.  Your full equine practitioner certificate will be awarded on completion of the entire human and equine Bowen courses. The total training will help you to appreciate the dynamic of horse and rider individually and together. 

Please call the office on 01373 461 812 to discuss your needs. Our working collaboration with Lotty means that your training experience will be connected and supported at all times.

We have teamed up with Lotty Merry on the equine side of Bowen. Click on the button below to visit her website.

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The course
Learning how to assess the horse, firstly by observing it, then palpating it, followed by performing the full Equine Bowen Treatment, to include the basic treatment, plus additional moves in specific areas of tension, pain or discomfort.

Case studies, to include 10 different horses between levels One and Three, to be assessed (static and dynamic), photographed, saddle checked inc wither pattern, and treated three times. Each horse must have a full report including any exercises or stretches you have suggested.

Then between levels Three and Five another 10 horses must be assessed, photographed, saddle checked, and treated three times, but this time you must also include 3 of their riders, this will include 3 rider treatments, and a full report, with the emphasis on how they now work together.

Safety in the stable environment, horse handling particularly when being treated. Liaising with the vets, and other professionals involved with the treatment of your clients horse. Getting permission to treat.

Anatomy & Physiology, including learning the superficial muscle structure of the horse, how particular muscles act on the horses way of going and skeleton, we will also cover the deeper muscles, digestive, respiratory and lymphatic systems.

Lower Leg Dissection - we will dissect a horses lower leg, this will give you the insight you need to really appreciate the tissues and structures beneath the skin, and how the tendons work so closely together. It will also show you the mechanics within the hoof and why balance in the foot and above is paramount. (this day is optional is you are very squeamish, though students do highly recommend it)

Gait and locomotion, observing the way the horse moves, both on the lunge and with a rider. How the Bowen takes effect, we shall have sessions where we observe the horse and rider before and after a Bowen treatment.

Rose Farm College of Equine Studies

What students have said
"A Fab course, full of information, suited for different levels of experience. Lotty's passion is a fantastic incentive to join this course, if in doubt just do it - you won't regret it."
Hefina Evans - Sept 2016 Level 5

"Fantastic course - good mix of theory and practical, all delivered in an engaging way. Lots of work for the case studies & assignments to make you really know your stuff when you are learning."
Lucy Cross - Sept 2016 Level 5
"The course covers an extensive amount of knowledge & skills, you learn so much and still it just scratches the surface - so much more to learn!  Good facilities & Lotty knows everything, except where to buy Caramac Buttons (though she has since found them!)."
Lucia Yonge - Sept 2016 Level 5
"Rose Farm provides a fun and incredibly informative environment.  Lotty, and the speakers that visited us, showed a new perspective & approach to horses that is unique. From leg dissections to watching thousands of ponies move, thank you for teaching me so many more things than just Equine Bowen! :)"
Chloe Smith - Sept 2016 Level 5
Rose Farm College of Equine Studies Rose Farm College of Equine Studies
For more information contact Lotty Merry by email or telephone 07966 473238