CBS Branded Website and Stationery Packages

Practitioner Websites

Are you looking for a website but no idea where to turn to? Are you considering building this yourself or asking a friend to do it for you? Afraid that a website will cost thousands and payments may get out of control?

Here at CBS we understand that setting up your new business or even if you have been trading for a while is often a struggle to finance all the different elements; such as premises, equipment, travel costs etc… and therefore essentials such as marketing and websites get overseen or produced in a rush.

Marketing your business effectively is key to promoting your business.

We want to help you avoid those pitfalls with these exciting website and stationery packages, professionally designed and easily accessible for you and the consumer. 

One area you may have thought of is creating your own website, which on the surface can look easy. Write some text, include a few pictures, throw in some HTML and CSS to pull it all together. How hard can it be?

Learning something new: Research what software you’ll need. Master HTML, CSS, Javascript, use of graphics software such as Photoshop or InDesign.
Save money: This is usually the number one motivator.
Sense of accomplishment: Sense of exhilaration and pride if you can enjoy the process as much as the final product.

It’s time consuming: Gaining the knowledge and learning the skills required to build a functioning, standards-compliant website can take a significant amount of time which takes you away from running and growing your business.
It may look unprofessional: You may find that your website looks disorganised, there is no consistency among the various pages, photos and text don’t line up, and everything looks 'jumbled' on different web browsers. This can be same for using free templates, they just don't fit what you want it to do.
It doesn’t work properly: This is a common problem when creating your own website. Even the best web designers can become temporarily stumped by a tricky bit of coding, but they have the professional network and skills to find a solution for it.

It’s probably no surprise that designing websites can be very complicated and time consuming. You need someone you can depend on.

With this in mind here at CBS we have taken the work out of this for you and created several websites packages to chose from plus FREE marketing materials that we believe will be accessible to you all. 

So what does the website package include:

  • Design: Working within the CBS brand guidelines we have created 5 new websites for you that has a professional connection with The College, enhancing your internet appearance. 
  • Responsive: The website will be responsive which means it works on all screen sizes.
  • Content Managed: You will be able to add text and images and make amends in minutes. 
  • User Guide: You will be provided with a handy user guide. 
  • FREE: Domain and business email for your business (unless you already have one). It is more professional to use @mywebsite email than a @gmail or other free email service.
  • Hosting: We provide secure hosting for your website and email at only £90 per year, exceptional value for money and no hassle for you. Free for the first year. 
  • Blog (Website Option A only): Keeping your blog as part of your website will generate a lot more content for the search engines. You’ll create more awareness for your brand by engaging with your customers, introduce them to new and interesting things, let them know what you are good at.

We’ve already created the professional designs and layout, all you need to do is send us your content and photos to add your own personal touch and we'll do the rest. 

A great online presence is essential to growing any business into a great brand.

As well as all of the website features and benefits (on any package chosen) you will receive a set of FREE generic leaflets and personalised appointment cards to get you started.

Click on the picture to view a quick summary of the packages.

Website Packages

If I don’t have any wording or pictures or don’t have the time to write anything, can you do this for me?
We can use generic photos from the CBS photo library (as shown on the current designs), for the content we can create this for you however there will be an extra charge. This will be advised to you prior to any work going ahead. 

Can I add on my own photos and wording at my own leisure or do I have to stick to what’s on the pages?
The wording and pictures can be personalised and changed at anytime, once the site is up and running you can change the content anytime you like 24/7.

What happens if I need you to change something because I'm not used to using the website. Is this included in price or extra for your time?
The websites are very easy to update and come with a handy user guide, however if you preferred us to make updates then there is a charge for this, depending on the amount of requested changes.

If I change my mind from 3 pages to 5 pages can this be easily changed or do you recommend we choose there and then?
We would recommend deciding at the beginning which option you would like, see below for an explanation between a 3 and 5 page website.

What is the difference between 3 pages and 5 pages?
The difference between these packages is, the 5 pages can allow for more information to be used so a bigger site overall. Option A comes with a blog, hence the difference in cost. If you have a lot of information you would like included in your website then we would recommend a 5 page site.

How much is the yearly hosting?
The yearly secure hosting is £90+VAT per year and this includes your email, renewal of your domain name, IT support if there is an issue with the website or email server*. The first years hosting is Free. 

*Please note while we would try to help, personal computer problems aren’t covered.

What do the pages say? Is there a set format?  
Each website you can chose from has it’s own theme and format. 

Take a look at the live links:-

Please note at present we can only offer English language versions, if you would require a website in another language please get in touch.

What happens next once I purchase a site?
Once you have purchased a package we will send you a Word document showing the word count of each section for you to complete and send back to us. This content will be added for you as well as any pictures, depending on the quality although we would advise you of this. So once it’s live you won’t have to do anything but as mentioned before, over time you have the facility to update the content yourself.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?
Yes we are offering the option of interest free instalments, please contact Maccine or Graeme at for more information.

So what are you offering is a format that takes away the complications and stress of me building my own site at the fraction of the cost of going to an independent designer and is basically ready to go?

What do you get:
Starter Stationery Set:  100 Personalised Appointment Cards and 50 Generic Leaflets.
Choose from a responsive and easy to manage website. (Four designs - 2 options of a 5 page and 2 options of a 3 page website.) See above for the different options.

Package prices:
Stationery Starter Set + Website Option A inc. blog facility = £1195+VAT
Stationery Starter Set + Website Option B = £995+VAT
Stationery Starter Set + Website Option C or D = £795+VAT

Please note: Website hosting fees of £90+VAT per year will apply after the first year. 

For information contact Shannon or Maccine.