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In addition to being experienced and busy Bowen Therapists for over two years, our expert practitioners have undertaken over three hundred hours of Bowen Teacher Training and can be regarded as the most qualified teachers of the Bowen Technique in Europe.

The College of Bowen Studies has a policy of continuing support and training for teachers. We consider ourselves to be a team, working together and supporting each other in order to provide the best possible training and support for our students.

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Julian Baker

Originally from London, Julian Baker undertook training in The Bowen Technique when he was living in Australia. He initially trained in reflexology but he sought out Bowen training after being impressed by very successful treatment for an acute neck injury. Returning to Britain in 1992, he initially ran a busy clinic but soon began teaching the technique full time in response to the tremendous demand for training.

As a result of his devotion and boundless energy, he has been responsible for the rapid growth of the technique in the UK, traveling throughout the country teaching and promoting it. Julian’s first career path was catering and he was involved in the regional apprenticeship and training scheme for eight years. As a result, his teaching is what has been termed by some as “lively and innovative”. Julian uses ‘hands-on-hands’ teaching, demonstrations, analogies and case histories to pass on The Bowen Technique in a unique and animated way. Many people comment on the fact that as well as having learned an extremely valuable tool, they have had a course full of relaxed fun, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have points clarified.

Julian is the most experienced Bowen Therapy Teacher in Europe and has used this experience to develop a comprehensive teacher training programme. Julian has recently started to work with the subtleties of the technique, moving into an intuitive approach and addressing the role of the therapist in the process of treatment. Still a keen cook, Julian also plays golf and studies Buddhism.

Colin Murray

Colin’s passion to help others combined with his background in management, led him to open a successful health clinic located in Glasgow in 2009. He first studied The Bowen Technique with the College of Bowen Studies in 2009 and has been a full time Bowen practitioner in Glasgow since 2010.

Such is his desire to help others Colin is also qualified in Sports Therapy, Reflexology and Reiki. Colin’s decision to become a Bowen instructor was spurred on by his belief in this remarkable technique, often witnessing The Bowen Technique’s remedial abilities daily. As an instructor Colin encourages an open forum with an approachable manner engaging his students with a friendly but informative teaching style.

Colin believes in promoting a healthy life style mentally and physically. He retired from teaching martial arts in 2004 and now enjoys mountain biking, hill walking, golf and swimming in his spare time. He lives in North Lanarkshire with his younger step son and is looking forward to becoming a Grandparent in April 2017.

Jo Wortley

Jo made the transition from a successful but unfulfilling career in industry, into Bowen in 2002. Alongside Bowen, Jo has training and experience in other areas which have added to her practice and post-graduate teaching, including: Meridian Energy Techniques (EFT); Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Mental Toughness development; Stress Management, Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques.

With the business experience she had gained, and whilst raising a family, Jo successfully built up her present practice in Suffolk which incorporates a busy Bowen children’s clinic. Jo has significant experience in working with babies and children, and was the BTPA Children’s Clinics Coordinator for several years.

In 2013 Jo was approached by Howard Plummer to continue with the development and training of his popular Fascia Bowen Workshops, in order to facilitate his retirement from this area. Since then she has updated Howard’s body of work and has been teaching this with a “contagious enthusiasm” as she firmly believes that Fascia Bowen is something every therapist needs to have in their toolbox – an opinion backed up by those who have attended her workshop.

Jo has embarked on her career at CBS with this same level of passion and endeavours to tailor her teaching to maximise the learning potential of everyone in her class. She is a very bubbly, approachable therapist and tutor, creating a friendly and relaxed environment within which to learn this remarkable technique.

Jórunn Símonardóttir

Jórunn Símonardóttir was born and raised in a large family in the beautiful Icelandic countryside. As a young adult she moved to Reykjavík where she studied to become a machinist, and then worked as both a machinist and a carpenter for a number of years. She also spent some time working as a jack-of-all-trades in the UK and moved to Thailand for a half year to learn Thai massage.

After her first son fell ill, she became acquainted with the Bowen Technique and immediately fell in love with it. She studied with Iceland’s only Bowen teacher, Margeir Sigurdarson, and quickly became his assistant teacher. After two years, she started her teacher training at the ECBS. She currently runs her practice in Reykjavík, works in the countryside, and teaches. Her students describe her as an adroit, excellent, and fun teacher who manages to disseminate her passion for Bowen in a relaxed, yet thorough style of teaching.

Jórunn is a loving wife and mother of two boys and a girl. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family in the beautiful nature of her home country.

Kate Atack

Kate has always had a love for biology, and in her first life she studied & worked in Malaysian Borneo for 9 years as a marine biologist. She has since forgotten all the Latin names of coral and fish that she once knew and swapped the observation of the tropical reefs for a more hands-on experience working with people.

On returning to the UK, she joined the ambulance service for a couple of years before moving to the Southwest where she has set up her own business. Kate discovered Bowen and decided to give it a go after a family member experienced amazing results after treatment. Bowen has led to an incredible job that gives her a lot of satisfaction, keeps her motivated and engaged; and is proving to be a fun learning curve. Kate is relatively new to Bowen and is fascinated and dedicated to learning and practicing as much Bowen “mendology” as she can! At the same time she is helping bring ‘Foundation Training’ over from California to help herself and her clients move better in this day and age of too much sitting staring at technology.

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