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The College of Bowen Studies has been providing outstanding practitioner training for over 20 years in Europe. Our accessible courses allow students to explore this gentle and non-invasive, hands on technique in a fun, informative educational environment.

Over the years we have trained over 4000 practitioners who have enjoyed using the Bowen Technique either as a part time or full time career or as a way of helping their friends and family. Are you looking for a change of direction to help people become more comfortable in their bodies, relieve their pain and increase their mobility? Then Bowen could be for you.

Our fresh approach to the anatomy of the human body has been the reason for the popularity of the Bowen Technique. We have also made the training process very accessible financially, fitting neatly into busy lives supported by excellent tutors and backed up by continuing study into the way that Bowen works.

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Our Approach

The Bowen Technique

Our training approach is to lead everyone gently into a clear understanding of The Bowen Technique, its theory and practical application.

Our classes are very hands on and give lots of opportunity for practice and application. Students are actively encouraged to ask questions and challenge what they are being taught. CBS teachers are already experienced Bowen practitioners before becoming tutors. They are given over 400 hours of training to become Bowen teachers and all hold additional teaching qualifications.

Everything you need to know about becoming a Bowen practitioner will be given to you over the course of our clearly laid out and easy to follow course syllabus. Additionally there is a wealth of student support tools, from videos to books and other resources.

Support exists at every stage and across our teaching faculty. You will have the personal emails and phone numbers of everyone, including the principle instructor and are welcome and indeed encouraged to reach out for support whenever you need it.

There are also a wealth of post graduate courses available for you once you become qualified and a professional, independent practitioners association welcomes you as well. Please feel free to call 01225 941077 for a chat.

Our History

In 1993 Julian Baker brought the Bowen Technique from Australia and with Isy Gabriel (Saunders) set up the first Bowen training sessions. They were not universally popular, but after an article in the Daily Mail in 1994, Bowen was spectacularly launched on to the British psyche and the phenomenon that was Bowen in the UK was born.

Since then thousands of people have discovered the power of Bowen and have had their lives transformed by treatment and training. Our understanding of what we do with a light touch and why breaks are so important have grown and the nature of the connective tissue known as fascia has become much more widely understood. Julian Baker has been constantly at the forefront of this understanding and in addition to being principal of the college, has been teaching human dissection classes to manual therapists around the world, in an effort to create a more integrated understanding of the body.

The College has undergone many changes over the years, but the underlying belief that Bowen is a powerful and transformational tool, easy to learn and simple to apply has been at the core of its being.

Our Future

ECBS has been a leader in the world of Bowen since 1994, not just in training, but in promoting, explaining, defending modalities such as Bowen. With the rise in anti-biotic resistance, we will see the need manual therapies such as Bowen become more and more prevalent.

Over the next two years CBS is pushing a wider public awareness campaign which will seek to educate practitioners and the public alike about the power of Bowen and other touch therapies. We will push for more research and a better understanding of what happens during a Bowen session and strive for better standards of training and further education amongst therapists

When Bowen first arrived in the UK in 1993, there was one therapist: a lone voice pushing to have Bowen accepted and to develop training and greater understanding of this remarkable therapy. 25 years and thousands of trained therapists later, he is still there, shouting about Bowen from the rooftops and as passionate as ever. The future of Bowen is assured.

Our Training Courses

The College of Bowen Studies training course format provides students with in-depth tuition, hands-on supervision and ample time and opportunity for detailed study of the Bowen Technique. Our courses are all highly practical and very ‘hands-on’.

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