The Bowen Technique uses a gentle rolling action over the many layers of soft tissue in key anatomical locations, relaying numerous signals to the brain and the mind. 21st century neuro- science is beginning to demonstrate how a non intrusive approach with no adjustment or manipulation can significantly and measurably change the functioning of the human body and assist in re-setting non-helpful patterns by addressing the “software” (nerve pathways and connective tissue ) where traditionally we have approached the ” hardware” (muscles and joints).

Bowen has been observed to help with a range of health presentations in the clinical setting via client testimonials and emerging research over the last 25 years. CBS is now seeking full accreditation with BTEC Assured and the governing body for the Bowen Technique (BTPA ) to transparently verify our high quality training courses. It is the perfect time to change career or build on existing clinical skills. Our teaching team looks forward to meeting you.

Hear practitioner’s real experiences.

“When you get the opportunity, you must train with CBS, truly inspiring. The courses will benefit everyone , CBS has filled in so many blanks in clinic and the ongoing support has given me a great deal more confidence in knowing how to approach a client.”
V.Gardiner. 2017

“After over 30 years of medical practice, I am finding the Bowen Technique the most effective and efficient hands-on procedure I’ve ever studied. I fully recommend this technique to all health practitioners.”
Dr Robert Flemming MD

A real change in career opportunity.
International Lecturers.
Professional Training for Life.
Established for over 20 years.
Smart, flexible and efficient modules.
High end support material and media.
Latest science and knowledge in anatomy, fascia and functional neurology.
Excellent student and admin support.
Financially accessible.
Extensive continued professional development (CPD) programmes.
5000 practitioners and counting.


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We believe in the importance of ongoing practitioner learning and development. It ensures you can offer an improving and deepening service to your clients; it helps you with difficult cases and gives you greater job satisfaction; it enhances the reputation of Bowen as a significant and effective therapy option.

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CBS has devised an excellent programme of progressive practitioner development courses for you. Director Paula Esson and all our teachers have researched and compiled an outstanding progression of workshops designed for your growth as a Bowen Technique practitioner.

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The CBS training program has been designed to allow you to learn in a progressive and independent way whilst being free to explore human fascia, anatomy and biological function to a level of your personal choice.

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The teaching team are here to support and guide you through your learning journey which starts with the practitioner level and develops and specialises from the second year onwards containing all elements of hands on practical work, case studies and formal written assessment to check learning and understanding of the Bowen Technique.

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